boost team openness, commitment and collaboration in just 3 hours

Learn teamwork essentials from elite ocean sailors and translate them into team action using our powerful toolbox.

Dear manager,

Leading and uniting your team to achieve results is challenging in today’s complex hybrid workplace.

Our “this is Teamwork” expert-designed toolbox provides hands-on help to boost your team’s collaborate spirit and shared responsibility.

Marlies Knijnenberg – CHRO & Co-Founder This is Teamwork

the journey we offer

Engage in a dynamic 3-hour team session, guided by lessons from elite ocean sailors, to strengthen teamwork (self-guided or facilitated by our coaches).

Utilize practical exercises, comprehensive workbooks, and ready-made flip-overs for immediate teamwork improvement.

Benefit from a structured prep and debrief session, coached for effectiveness.

Optional: Maintain teamwork magic with a straightforward quarterly team assessment, guided team discussions and leadership coaching.

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+ Bolsters open dialogue for continuous learning

+ Fosters stronger connections and support among team members

+ Translates knowledge into daily practice

+ Creates a foundation for further team growth

+ Includes coaching to sustain progress

All this without the need for costly speakers and with minimal organizational effort!

Take the NEXT STEP towards better teamwork


We can handle teams of any size. While our team sessions can host up to 16 participants, we can customize our program to accommodate larger audiences. Our minimum team size is 4.

After the 3-hour kick-off session, we will support you as the team lead with quarterly coaching sessions and quarterly team teamwork health scans. These tools help you track and assess your team’s progress in teamwork development.

Of course, we can help you, but this requires special attention. We have a team of highly skilled and certified coaches available to assist you and your team in moving forward. Please give us a call. Typically, it takes three meetings with a team to understand the issue, address it openly, and take action to move forward.

Although we believe it is most powerful if you, as a leader, lead the session yourself, we are happy to help facilitate the session.

Yes, you can! We will thoroughly prepare you. The toolbox and its tools offer a clear step-by-step approach. We provide the fundamental building blocks of teamwork in comprehensible steps. This approach has been tested and tried with many clients.

No, any team that wants to reflect on how they work together can benefit from THIS IS TEAMWORK. It allows you to recalibrate your teamwork and make progress.

Our team sessions are designed to enhance common understanding and connection among team members. Therefore, we believe that being physically present and interacting with your live team members is crucial for building better teamwork. So if you meet live for the kick-off session, THIS IS TEAMWORK is perfectly suited for your team. But it cannot be hosted remotely.

We will schedule an intake where we will ensure that our offering aligns with the goals you wish to achieve with your team. We will guide you through the session and exercises, provide you with preformatted communication to prepare your team, and a week before the 3-hour kick-off session, you will receive the This is Teamwork box containing all the materials needed. If you have any questions, we are available to assist via phone or email.

A leadership coaching session is a one-on-one coaching session with one of our leadership & team coaches. During this session, we focus on the challenges you face as a leader of a team, helping you gain clarity on the situation and identify steps toward a solution.

The Quarterly Teamwork Health Scan is a short email survey sent to all team members each quarter. The survey assesses the quality of your teamwork and the impact of actions taken to improve it. We provide a clear report summarizing the results, which you can use to facilitate your quarterly teamwork team talk.

It’s a quarterly meeting with your team that you, as the team lead, host. During this session, you discuss and reflect on the quality of your teamwork in the past period and identify areas for improvement. The Teamwork Health Scan and a comprehensive meeting script guide you and your team through this session, keeping everyone committed to improving teamwork.

Yes, for now, THIS IS TEAMWORK is only available in English. Depending on demand, we may develop versions in other languages.

Yes, we can provide a custom program tailored to your team’s specific needs. THIS IS TEAMWORK is developed by Organizational Consultant Agency &Connect with years of experience in Team and Leadership development in National and International organizations. We are happy to help you find the right intervention for your team.

The program offers inspiration through personal interviews followed by engaging exercises that address your daily challenges, making it relevant. We maintain a high pace to keep energy and engagement levels high.

You can’t go wrong with THIS IS TEAMWORK, we have made sure of that! Our sessions offer an open, inspiring, and positive reflection on teamwork that adds value to 99% of teams. However, if your team faces challenges not addressed by our toolbox, we can help you find a more suitable approach during our intake process.

THIS IS TEAMWORK is most suitable for teams that provide a service and work together closely. Our offering is less suited for production teams that operate under tightly organized continuous procedures and processes. We can provide a custom session of needed.

Lucas Schröder –  Former Professional Sailor, Performance Consultant & Co-Founder This is Teamwork

About us and our mission

In our complex, fast-paced work environment, building a high-performing team is a major challenge for managers. That’s why we’ve created the ‘This Is Teamwork’ toolbox – a practical, hands-on tool designed for real-world application, not just theory.

Our toolbox is crafted to strengthen the core of teamwork right on the workfloor. It’s about enabling managers to enhance team collaboration, learning, and mutual support without external intervention.

We’ve collaborated with a diverse group of experts – from elite sailors to creative artists – ensuring our toolbox is not only effective but also engaging.

Our mission is simple: to elevate teams and leaders beyond the latest fads, focusing on the essentials of teamwork. With ‘This Is Teamwork’, we’re transforming groups of individuals into cohesive, innovative units.

Join us in redefining teamwork, fostering environments where every team member thrives.

Marlies Knijnenberg
Co-founder & CHRO at HDI Global

Lucas Schröder
Co-founder , Team Performance Coach and former sailing athlete

Ineke ten Hoeve
Project support 

Bas van Geuns
Visual artist, concept & graphics designer

Jesse Moerkerk
Creative Strategistformer judo athlete

Robert van Ees
Video producer and artist

Wouter Verbraak
Professional navigator, ocean race veteran

Annemieke Bes
Professional sailorolympian (3x) and ocean race veteran

Jaap Zielhuis
Former head coach  of the Dutch Olympian sailing squad

Sander Speet
Professional sailor elite J-boat class

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